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Capital Consulting Group "Top personnel" is an agency of a complete cycle in the field of personnel consulting, we render services to the organizations in following areas: - Personnel consulting; - Selection of shots; - Trainings courses; - Marketing research. 1. Personnel consulting: - Help and drawing up of programs of adaptation of employees; - Working out of motivational schemes; - Offers on non-material motivation of employees; - Working out of duty regulations. 2. Selection of shots: In a mode of fast reaction (from 1 week) we will help to close vacancies: - managers of the higher and average link, heads of sales departments in a banking sector; - lawyers, experts in marketing; - system administrators, designers, programmers 1С, programmers Unix; - bank employees; - secretary-reviewer, personnel assistants, office-managers, receptionists; - experts in investments; - narrow experts in oil and gas and prospecting sphere; - engineers and working building specialities; - experts in foreign trade activities, - experts in the field of a grain trade. Our guarantees: Single replacement of the expert is carried out during the stipulated term and actually is a repeated cycle of search. For positions of working specialities the warranty period makes 1-2 months, an average key element - 3-6 months, the top echelon - 6-12 months. Confidentiality and inviolability: From the moment of signing of the working agreement we guarantee inviolability of candidates and experts of the company-customer. Period of validity of "the inviolability status" begins with the moment of signing of the working agreement, extends for all period of work with the company and comes to an end after two years after agreement cancellation. On the average, service cost varies from 10 to 25 from the revenue of the candidate, depending on complexity of selection. 3. Trainings courses: There are different people in collective, with different characters, with different education. What to do to make peace in collective? To make it work one organism? We suggest to carry out small trainings for employees, on-the-job, during working hours in 1,5-2 hours on: - Business etiquette; - Ability to work with objections; - Ability to listen; (very useful training for companies with difficult corporate climate). 4. Fulfillment of marketing researches for business development. The market, competitors, production, import, demand, offers, conceptual researches, offers on development are your reference points in the market. To be successful in the market is necessary to know at least: - volume and a market organization; - preferences of consumers; - the analysis of competitors; - market development trends. Cost of one research constitutes 70000 – 250000 rubles. 5 Personnel document control. 1. Personnel data base; 2. Filling out, hiring and firing; 3. Personnel files data base.