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Russia and Eastern Europe is one of the most attractive regions to conduct clinical trials. There are several advantages to place clinical trials in this area:

Population size, providing access to a large potential pool of mostly treatment naive clinical trial subjects:

Russia 142.2 million

Ukraine 46.6 million

Bulgaria 7.7 million

Lithuania 3.4 million

Latvia 2.3 million

Estonia 1.3 million

Belarus 10 million

Total 213.5 million

Centralized healthcare system with the developed referral network and a number of private practices. As a result - few sites needed to get a large number of patients

Good selection of high-quality investigational sites

ICH-GCP compliance principles incorporated into legislation

High recruitment rates with low drop-out rates:

Patient recruitment rates in the region is up to 10 times higher than in US and EU

Savings in costs:

Average cost per patient in Eastern Europe is 28lower than in Western Europe and 47than in the UK

Possibility to reduce clinical trial expenditure by using local CROs and labs

High level of qualification of investigators for conducting clinical trials. As a result – high quality clinical trial data