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G5 Entertainment AB

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As one of the world’s first mobile game development studios, G5 offers game publishers and media companies a timely development of premium quality mobile games based on the publishers’ own and 3rd party licensed properties. G5 has established solid track record of working with the leading publishers and delivering outstanding games based on the most popular brands and characters. As worldwide mobile games market is growing dynamically, handsets are more and more capable, and games get bigger and more complex each year, G5 is ready to capitalize on this growth. Mobile Applications and Services As 3G becomes widespread and smart-phones win larger share of the market, G5 is using its expertise in user interface design, interactive entertainment, and advanced mobile technology to capitalize on the convergence of mobile and internet. G5 offers its customers a platform for the delivery of content and services across the widest range of handsets. G5 is helping its clients including the leading Russian wireless operators Vimpelcom (Beeline) and Skylink to take advantage of the capabilities of today’s handsets to deliver advanced services to mobile subscribers. Team Managers and designers, producers and programmers, testers and artists, G5’s team is driven by the passion to excel in their profession, and the excitement of participation in the development of tomorrow’s mobile technology. To achieve highest production values, the managers carefully select team members, and the ones who stay with G5 are talented and self-motivated professionals. G5 provides its team with competitive working conditions, some of the most exciting jobs in IT industry, and an opportunity to learn and raise professional level. G5’s 50+ international staff comprises of experienced managers, client and server-side programmers, database programmers, UI designers, artists, modelers, game producers, level designers, QA engineers, technical writers. G5 also uses a network of outsourcing partners for additional production tasks. The development process within the company is structured in accordance with G5’s own methodology which improves upon the combination of elements from well-known methods of IT and entertainment industries to create an efficient approach answering to the challenges of mobile specifics, compressed production cycles, uncompromised quality requirements, and creative flexibility.