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Artec BPO

О компании


Our company provides BPO services which means maintaining some of client organization's repeating non-core and core business processes to achieve cost reductions while improving service quality. We started our working as a software company. Since that moment we have improved the software production process and team, we have learned much about the business and the processes that we maintain. Based on that we have started to provide our partners not only software development but also other services (such as preparing data analysis, helping clients and users to receive necessary data on time). All these changes were resulted in greate extention of possibilities, we are now able to provide our partners services helping to build and maintain their business processes. In particular, to support their core processes and to provide services they don't have enough resources or may be expertise for. We see our mission as "Help you to focus on your core business and to do it effectively", not to spend much time on routine or non-primary processes.